Bill Whittle on Mental Illness

Bill Whittle on Mental Illness


Bill Whittle: The Struggle for Stupidity

Most of us alive today have been trained by the state-run government schools to be stupid. Example: My critical thinking skills BEGAN the day I left high school. This was not the fault of my teachers; it was the system itself. The system is designed to make us compliant, law-abiding drones.

Well EFF you…this is one drone that got away from you bastards. B$

Worlds Collide: Two of My Heroes Meet To Talk #tgdn #tcot @billwhittle @hillsdale

Superior passion meets with superior intellect.

Bill Whittle meets with Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn to talk about Hillsdale, liberal education, the education system in the United States and liberty in general.  Books mentioned in the talk: The Story Killers by Terrance Moore & Aristotle’s Ethics (the Kindle version of Ethics is free, BTW…I just downloaded it to my Kindle Paperwhite)


Trifecta: Obamacare[tm] Website Cost Us 20,000% More #tgdn #tcot @pjmedia @billwhittle @vodkapundit @heytammybruce

The guys in the video said it would cost $5-$10 Million to create the ObeezieCare website.  I woulda done it for half that.  I work with two programmers (Jeff & Amit) that I’d happily pay $1 Million a piece; both have a proven track record and BOTH are paid SH** for their efforts. They just get off on makin’ stuff work right.

Bill Whittle: Afterburner #tgdn #tcot @billwhittle

In – what I believe to be the best afterburner he has ever written – Bill Whittle contrasts the Great State of Texas with the POS that is the People’s Democratic Republic of California.

I’ve got to hand it to ya Bill. This is some of the best writing you’ve ever done. Bravo, sir! B$

Afterburner: The hammer of reality

This episode of Afterburner Bill Whittle introduces something that always ends up rearing its ugly yet beautiful head: the incredibly powerful and harsh hammer of reality.