Even a Young Girl Gets It…

Do you see, ladies and gentlemen? Even a 14 year-old gets it. Unless you’re defending your life, country or property, you’d be in the wrong to hurt anyone.
It can be boiled down to this: If your motivation contains hate then you need to stop and think about what you’re about to do. This assumes you actually think about your actions.
We all know there are a growing number of people in this country being raised by the government to REJECT critical thought and to use their emotions to make life/death decisions. I ask you to reject this in your own life and when you see kids like this young lady, raise them up and praise their intellect. B$

Buckley/Vidal: Best of Enemies

Buckley/Vidal: Best of Enemies

I just saw a documentary on Netflix called Best of Enemies. It chronicles the debates that the then (and now) loser network called the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) set up for the Republican and Democrat national conventions in the pivotal 1968 presidential elections.

They chose two of the most intelligent people from either side. For the left, Gore Vidal, the prolific postmodern author and for the right: William F. Buckley, Jr, the writer and editor of National Review, the definitive conservative (read, ‘Classic Liberal‘) magazine.

This ‘docco’ was interesting, explosive and focused in it’s discussion of the debates themselves and the presidential election cycle surrounding them. If you don’t have Neflix, you can see it here via YouTube. This version isn’t perfect (the frame is zoomed-in on itself, missing peripheral images)…but you’ll get the gist. However you watch it, it is a must-see for historians and classic liberals.






Waking Thoughts

I woke up from deep sleep this morning thinking, “Does it all come down to greed and envy?”

And in my pre-coffee, eyes-still-closed thoughts I set a definition:

Politics (among other quite valid definitions) is the study of people, unsatisfied in their own lives, motivated by the greed and envy of another person’s original thoughts or deeds to control/have power over them.

And as I thought about it more, I realized that any person – not necessarily a person we would recognize as a “politician” that falls into this description is a person that is simply trying to fill a vacuum. A vacuum in their own original thoughts & deeds.

And further, because the act of having control or power over someone is an act that one knows in their own mind is a horrific & shameful act, they convince themselves by convincing others that their motives are altruistic.

There appears to be a pattern emerging from these thoughts. And it explains to my own mind the reason I lean so strongly libertarian. Because if I chose the way of the neo-liberal, Progressive or Socialist (all essentially synonymous), I would fall into that class of people I described in my definition of politics above.

I would hate myself as most Democrats and socialists in this country must hate themselves. They must look at themselves and their lives devoid of any truly original thoughts, deeds or good acts towards their fellow citizens. And if I were like they are, I would conspire with other self-loathing people to…

So now, after finishing the thoughts I had this morning in my first waking moments AND more importantly my first cup of coffee, I’ll finish by revealing my Kryptonite. My Kryptonite is knowledge and the use of that knowledge to form rational, self-evident arguments against any man or woman that would find it necessary to force their will upon me. As time passes, so grows the power of my Kryptonite and my understanding those I use it against.


On Banning Symbols…

I posted a meme on Facebook that was immediately marked with the words “hyperbolic fabrication”. The meme contrasted the “banning” of the Confederate Flag by South Carolina with the lack of similar actions for the ISIS or NAZI flags. Hyperbolic fabrication may have a hint of truth to it but I will wholeheartedly admit to exaggeration with a purpose. And that purpose was to expose yet another “Slippery Slope” that our politicians are leading us toward.

One of my friends commented the following:
“…it was the founders that “institutionalized slavery”. This flag does represent too many the injustice that occurred in American history and the although slavery has been abolished it does stop those that continue to hate and kill for the specific reason of color, race, or religion. If we truly want to move forward and unite, then we should ask ourselves if fighting for a flag that represents intolerance is really worth fighting for. You are right we don’t have to buy it and why should anyone tell me not to buy it. However, I believe until we truly get rid of racism will this flag not represent these bad sentiments and then this flag can be what it is really worth – absolutely nothing. Much Love to you my brother.

My response to his remarks were…
You may want to carefully analyze your education in history. On closer analysis, you’ll find you’re quite full of shit

Well hell…I just have to revisit this because one doesn’t want to just leave a remark like that to fester without some sort of explanation. The problem is, the explanation and ensuing discussion would be impossible to do there on Facebook. But, because he is such a dear friend, I’m going to try to provide a short explanation why I believe my friend’s analysis is – in actuality – pure Neo-liberal bullshit.

Suffice it to say, there are several BILLION threads of nuance my friend is missing about the founding of the United States that he hasn’t yet come upon in his studies, apparently. Since he is a citizen now (it was my honor to be there to witness that blessed event), I’m asking him and you, gentle reader, to read more about the founding outside of what you found in some damn government-approved textbook*…because you’re totally missing the details of an extremely complex event. One that has taken me about 10 years of study to wrap my head around…and even NOW I know I’m missing a lot of it!
 Were the founders saints? Um…not even close. Did they “institutionalize slavery” …one incredibly narrow way of looking at it is…YES
 Another more thoughtful way of looking at it would be this: There would have been no Constitution…no Bill of Rights, no ongoing experiment in the self-government or self-policing of a society. There would be no “shining city upon a hill” that millions (legally and ILLEGALLY) gravitate towards like moths to a flame just to achieve financial success and freedom from the oppression of their original countries. The Founding was a ‘Jenga Game‘ of compromises that frankly when you look at it, you wonder, “How did that ever happen?” Well…as you read more and more about The Founding, you’ll find it collapsed and imploded many times before we came up with a Constitution that actually works if you don’t screw with it [17th Amendment].
 And in hopes my friend truly DOES crack open a book and looks carefully enough, I’ll give him (and you) a little spoiler…
 A typical Neo-liberal** discounts every single word spoken in the mid 18th century as originating from slave-owning white guys…so is therefore not to be taken seriously at any level. Upon objective analysis, you see this Alinski tactic is nothing but racism wrapped up in a pretty RED ribbon. This would be easy to do if one was mentally challenged in some way, making one unable to put two coherent thoughts together. It would also be easy to discount the actions of those before us if your actual goal was the replacement of capitalism & self-government with socialism and an engineered economy that WITHOUT EXCEPTION has lead to tyranny every single time it has been tried in recorded history.

The typical Classic Liberal*** usually looks at the founding – in terms of “institutionalizing” slavery – like this:
Most (if not all) of the ‘Founding Fathers’ – including those owners of slaves – cleverly crafted a compromise they KNEW would eventually lead to the end of slavery. Little did they realize how much blood would have to be spilled in order for that to occur. Events AFTER the founders were long gone (like the movements West across the continent and the laws that followed) all shaped the eventual end of slavery. But it is clear to me that our founders – mostly abolitionists – tipped the first domino in many of the events that were to trigger the eventual civil war that erupted nearly a century later.

…and to address racism in the United States…I’ve got a news flash for ya:
Racism will never be eradicated anywhere. If you were looking for Utopia, you got off on the wrong planet…too bad for you.
  • But if you’re looking for a society that puts racism where it belongs; as a background event to be marginalized…
  • If your looking for a society where racism is practiced only by those inconsequential & ignorant beings that will always populate the Earth…
  • If you want a functional society where the content of your character is used to determine your usefulness to society…
Then you’ve come to the right country. Because this country and this one ALONE has the history and the people to make that happen. One only has to follow the teachings of MLK & the traditional Christian-Judaeo principles that all but eliminated slavery in the 17th century and again, in our country in the 19th century.

But, I warn you, listening to the racist rants of our current administration and their obsession with putting racism in the foreground, will lead to anything but racial harmony. And that includes the slippery slope of an aggressive government officially banning ANY symbol, let alone a symbol that has a significant historic meaning to most people and a racist meaning to an incredibly small and increasingly insignificant portion of our society. One can only wonder why politicians would do such a thing? Especially since anyone knows that it is simple human nature to be attracted to ANYTHING banned by a so-called authority.

To conclude: I find the only thing we may still have in common with our predecessors from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries is our vehement hatred of anyone who would tell us what to do, what to say and how to think. Now go about your business and leave others to their own thoughts and actions.

*A good start on the getting a grip on the situation surrounding the founding has to include The Founder’s Key, A History of the American People, The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers and then The Constitution of the United States and analysis thereof. There are other books…I invite you to read these first if you haven’t already and continue beyond.
**I use the term “Neo-Liberal” here to make clear the distinction between a Classical Liberal and what is commonly called “liberal” in present day. You can easily substitute any moniker for socialist/statist/Marxist you want for “Neo-Liberal” because that is truly what those people we call “liberal” today actually represent in practice.
***I use the term “Classical Liberal” to contrast against those who identify themselves as “liberal” today. The Classical Liberal are those true liberals that are small-government, libertarian-leaning in thought and action…much like our founders.